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  1. Should I win the DJI Mavic Mini it would be used to educate other drone enthusiasts via local drone clubs! UAV Coach has great drone practicing skills in their 107 Certification course and those drills using the DJI Mavic Mini will work perfectly together in confined spaces, like a High School Gymnasium!
  2. I found the correct link- https://www.amazon.jobs/en/jobs/865352/operator
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Frank Lovering and I've been flying drones over 3 years now and passed the initial 107 Certification Test 2 years ago plus the 2nd test 2 months ago. All of my experience has been on DJI drones (P4, Inspire 1v2 and now a Mavic 2 Pro). I'm interested in learning about surveying with the new DJI P4 RTK, the Mavic 2 Pro for Search and Rescue and the Matrice 200 for Ag purposes. And also interested in learning how to fly tiny whoops and race drones. I'm in Yakima, WA. Would love to know where to look for folks using drones professionally and for racing!