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  1. Hello Jim, just you need to declare the drone to customs, don't forget to bring the invoice or ticket where you buy it, also take in count that we have a new regulation for flying drones, if you will make some comercial staff its needed a registration and a drone pilot registration, if only for hobby, recreational only a registration, its free, the no fly zones are 5 miles from any airport, its prohibit to fly over people, events like football match, etc, punta hermosa its a beautiful beach , dont fly over the houses and in crowded zones, if you want there is in santa maria a field camp, its n
  2. Hi, just to thanks the ADMIN for adding me, Im an Rc pilot for 20 years and in FPV for 5 years and have the administration of the FPV group on Facebook, our group is dedicated to promoting the First person view in Peru , all are invited to discuss their experiences and, knowledge. here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/fpvperu/ , also you can follow us on Periscope:https://www.periscope.tv/FpvPeru/1ynJObnLPvnGR and Twitter: https://twitter.com/FpvPeru. This 2016 im starting a small company (part time job) dedicated to aereal mapping and video surveillance using civili