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    DJI Mavic Pro ($500), Nashville, TN

    Hi Alan (and Ryan), Thanks for the information. It makes more sense now. And...as they say...there'll always be another drone (haha). By the way, I'm really enjoying your course...very helpful. Will be sure to recommend to others. Happy flying!
  2. Jim B

    DJI Mavic Pro ($500), Nashville, TN

    Well, that is unfortunate (for me). I thought since I had responded first, I had first shot at it. I don't think that was the proper etiquette for an online sale.
  3. Jim B

    DJI Mavic Pro ($500), Nashville, TN

    Interested. Taking Alan's Drone Pilot Ground School course, so am sorta relying on his endorsement. Do you have pictures of what is included? Do you have a log documenting usage? Is there a case, or what is the packaging? How would shipping work to 02050? Thanks... If easier, you can contact datainspectionservice@gmail.com