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  1. Hi - UAV Coach Pilots! My name is Pete Clarkson and I reside in Sunny Palm Harbor, Florida. First off, to be clear, I do not know how to fly a UAV/Drone. I have never flown a UAV/Drone. I do not own a UAV/Drone. I have however, become an avid "sideline enthusiast" and am about to embark on this new journey chapter in my life. I am recently retired (age 59) from the Insurance Industry where I have held various executive positions with Fortune 50 and 100 American companies for the past 28 years. I have lived in a dozen different states from coast to coast and managed large business in nearly every state east of the Mississippi River. I have always wanted to fly. To have a birds eye view of the world would be spectacular! I am very interested starting small but thinking big! I am very interested in Arial Photography, Video Photography and mastering the virtual pilots seat of an unmanned system! In short, I want to fly and I want to be good at flying and I want to be really good at Arial Photography! My plan is to take a number of courses that will prepare me to achieve the above mentioned goals. I am currently enrolled in one class and am exploring another with a conference call this coming Thursday 12/20/2019. My wife is giving me a DJI Spark for Christmas as my first ever Drone. I know this will not be my only one. I am interested in the Mavic 2 Pro and the Phantom 4. I want to learn the complete manual control first (although I understand the Spark is way automated) so that I can fly manually. Ultimately, if the experience is good and I can pick this up, who knows, maybe I'll get 107 Certified and fly Commercially. Or perhaps work in an industry that utilizes Drone Technology. But first things first. Thanks for your time and I look forward to the journey! All the Best, Pete Clarkson