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  1. Hi everybody ! I brieflyI introduce myself. I have been thinking to buy a drone since a long time, but never crossed the line till last Cyber Monday ... Now I bought it, I already tested it, but I have yet a long time to be a good pilot with it. ... I am an electronics engineer and I work in the aeronautics business, but I never piloteted a plane or an elicopter. My "goal" is to take photos and have panorama views for fun from inside the mountains. I already practise photography when I go trekking. The U818A Plus camera is not much professional for such a job, and U818A Plus suffers the wind that is almost always present where I go trekking, but I am also a sailor, so wind is not a new kind of monster to deal with, my problem is to learn flying not in headless mode, and learn to not mistake the point of view while remote controlling the drone. I alread read UavCoach guide "How to fly a quadcopter" . ... - very nice reading -. I have some questions to ask the community about this drone, so, may be I will start a new discussion on it. CIao, Alfredo, from Torino - Italy