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  1. Hey Brett, Sounds great. We should definitely compare notes. I bought an Inspire a couple of months ago and am "honing my skills" with that. I just ordered a Yuneec Typhoon H and want to see how that compliments my growing arsenal. I will look for a heavy lifter at some point, but until then I'm "polishing" my skills with racing quads. THAT'S FUN. But back to the business side, you can check out my band at www.starchmonkey.com and "like" us on FaceBook, please. We've been in the studio for a while and will release some new tracks shortly. The material isn't conducive to Aerial
  2. The Hubsan X4 107D was my first quad. It does NOT have follow me or return to home, but comes in different versions. Most have lights and one has FPV. They are cheap (ebay for $40 includes spare blades, radio, blade protectors). You can learn with that. Kick up the controls to make it very touchy (which will make you a better pilot). And there are a bunch of youTube videos out there to help learn and fix. Highly recommended!!!!
  3. Hey Alan (and other participants/members), I want to thank you for creating and perpetuating this site. I hope to learn a lot from it/you and give back when I can. I'm a Software Sales guy by day and professional Musician by night who has been flying RC for +20 years. Mostly Slope soaring (competitively at times), Electric Hotliners, and RC Helicopters. I bought my first Quad (a little Hubson) about a year ago. I upgraded to a Syma X8W, then a DJI Phantom 3. I'm shopping for an Inspire and plan to get my Section 333 in the next few months. I would like to create/build a business