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  1. Hello All, I have been running a small drone business. I have been taking pictures and videos. Here recently I have been playing around with maps. I have a typhoon h and pix4d. I have am about to rent an r8 tremble to get my map elevations accurate. I would like to provide topographic maps with accurate elevations as well as regular maps. I have a meeting with some construction managers in a few days and I have no idea what I should charge for these maps. Does anyone want to give me some ideas? Any information would help.
  2. Hello everyone. I hope all is doing well.I have a pixhawk flight controller for my f450 frame. I have got it all put together and wierd up. I have installed mission planner and I believe the USB drivers were downloaded with the mission planner. When I plug the USB cord into my computer, windows tells me that the USB device is not recognized and in my task manager, it states that the device malfunctioned and is not recognized. Has anyone had a similar issue?How can I go about fixing this issue?