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  1. Hey, guys, that's what I did. I also went ahead and built my facebook page and website - with caveats ( I did some stuff with a realtor and then she gave some of her friends my info and I've started to chat with some other folks. I'd recommend being right up front with them and tell them about the exemption piece - I think that builds instant credibility too. My next step while still waiting is to put a tri-fold or brochure together and then my realtor neighbor is taking me to some of her meetings around town where I can advertise and hand out business cards. I have clients pending, I just hope the exemption hold-up doesn't take so long that they end up moving on to someone else!
  2. Hi @Keith, - I followed up with Gowdy Brothers and they are somewhat in agreement with you. They suggested I put an overprint on the photos that I've taken until the Exemption comes through. That way, I specify that it's recreational only, but allows me the time and effort towards "building the business." They also agreed with you that it's likely the FAA would not take action but suggested caution, and I think the fact that there is an exemption pending and that's annotated on the site, they would probably steer them away from me. Thanks again, for the feedback.
  3. Hmmm, an interesting perspective and I thought I was being super cautious. I figured with the disclaimer that I'm not accepting payment pending receipt of the exemption that I was being as about as forthright as i could be. I'd tend to think you could still market your business using your product and service while waiting for the exemption and I haven't seen anything to the contrary. I'll have to do some research on that angle, but I do appreciate the perspective - had not thought of it in that sense.
  4. LOL - thanks for the candid feedback. I don't know how to have the music only play if you hit the video, so while i figure that out, I just took it off. That was my very first video and I've made some better ones since. I appreciate your feedback!
  5. On the homepage dashboard, to the right directly under the "locations" button is a small text box that says "add your counters to your website" Let me know if you can't find it...
  6. Thanks Alan! Tracking on the website issues - another challenge in working with web design and web hosting! I appreciate your recommendations and am already looking into them as well as other information posted by you and others on this forum. Thank you!
  7. Love the graphic! I'm having the same challenges with price points and I hope you get a lot of feedback and suggestions on this! Would you be willing to share your site or price points? Jon
  8. Jim, thanks - I'm having the same challenges with price points. I've considered trying to get some real estate folks in the same room and discussing what would be 'fair and reasonable'. Had not thought too much about the non-333 folks who could undermine the business, so perhaps I need to consider that in the marketing angle. Hope you get a lot of feedback and suggestions on this! Jon
  9. Over the past few weeks as I've launched my new aerial photography business in San Antonio, Texas, easily the biggest challenge I've faced is establishing price points for the various packages I'd like to offer. I've done A LOT of research on this, but the prices and packages vary widely across the country, so what is fair while introducing the technology/service to a new market area?. Currently there is only one other business in the area legally providing these services, and I'm still waiting for my 333 Exemption, so I've also had to balance my desire to promote the business and gain market share with the fact that I cannot yet charge for the services rendered. Considerations we can discuss include: business structure (LLC, Corporation, LLP etc), budget, target audience, partnerships etc. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations. In the meantime, check out my website:
  10. Hello and welcome all! Retired Army helicopter pilot - starting my own real estate photography business in the greater San Antonio area - it is in the works, have my exemption submitted - it'll be called Double Eagle Aerial. I fly a Phantom 3 Pro. Really enjoying it!