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  1. You're right Chuck. I think I'll take my toys and go home now. Good Luck Chuck
  2. Chuck, This was not meant to start a war, the comment was just to show how technology changes the American workforce. The company I own deals direct with USAF bases in California (March ARB) which is an AMAZON hub,and in Nevada (Cheech AFB), so, in my conversations with pilots the drone subject is always moved into the forefront. And if AMAZON has anything to say about it,. a mailbox will be a drop zone. This video concurs Unfortunately. as always, it's the almighty dollar that wins!
  3. You're most likely right. Nor will we see, the driverless vehicle, or the solderless war.
  4. If any company is interested. As we all know, the job of the postal mail carrier will be replaced by drones in our lifetime, as will pilots. I own the internet domain sites; and They are not sites, only domains to build a site around. Please feel free to contact me if your business would benefit from either. Both will be sold by the end of 2019. Thank you Craig S.