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  1. Glad to have you....I'm in Cleburne, TX just south of Ft. Worth. Run near Bastrop many times seeing family maybe we can meetup some time. Our daughter and son in law have a German Shephard trained via Army K9 instuctor in SA area. On the personal note, run Texas Defense Academy and have very similiar hobbies!
  2. Hi, I'm new to drones, have a friend who is a pilot who started a drone business and asked if I was interested? Being that I am travelling consultant most workdays, I said if I don't have to travel Mon-Thrs 50 weeks, count me in! LOL. Got my 107 done via self study now just learning to fly my Mavic Pro and having fun with it. As the title suggest I am located in the Dallas-Forth Worth, TX (ie DFW) area. Would be interested in meeting others local to north Texas.