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  1. Thanks - there wasn't any danger in flying in/near clouds at this location, as there is rarely any sort of air traffic, especially in the winter. I'm very familiar with the terrain, and with typical air traffic (mainly a sightseeing helicopter that operates a predictable route in the summer).
  2. Thanks, yours is the same problem I have living down in the lowlands of Washington - way too much grey and brown!
  3. Thanks, the mountain I was flying around was a little more than 4000 ft tall, so I would estimate that I maxed out around 4500 ft (above sea level).
  4. I recently ventured out to take advantage of a rare break in the winter storms to do some sunset flying near Mt. St. Helens, and I managed to capture some awesome footage!I continue to be impressed by how the Mavic 2 can handle cold temperatures with noticeable loss of battery life. I was a little worried about flying through the clouds and mist, but I'm learning that the Mavic handles such conditions very well.In addition to the video, I've posted a bunch of photos on my blog:
  5. Hello, I'm a photographer, videographer, and writer living in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens. 2018 was the year I got my first drone (the DJI Spark - I recently upgraded to the Mavic 2 Zoom), and over the course of the year I have slowly grown in confidence and ability. I feel that being able to capture aerial footage has opened up a new dimension to my creative work, and that it has led to the creation of some of my finest photos and videos. I publish my videos on a weekly basis on my Youtube channel: And I publish my photos and writing on a variety of topics (as well as share my videos) on my blog: I also have an instagram account where I often publish drone photos: By way of further introduction I'll leave you with one of my best aerial videos so far - I'm looking forward to participating in this community!