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  1. Greetings, Derrick I'm more is the KISS school of thought on this (keep it simple, stupid). I use a UAV Pilot Logbook from Parhelion Aerospace. It's about 9" x 5" and slips easily into my drone carrying case so it's with me whenever I'm out flying. The logbook has spaces for everything you mentioned --though of course you can't download drone files into it. Bill
  2. Thanks. That was helpful. Never thought about dropbox.
  3. Thanks for the info, Joey. So if you aren't uploading the photos to MLS, except for the one client, is it the norm to email them to the agency that hired you? Or is some other format (maybe burn to CD or put on a thumb drive?) more the norm?
  4. Thanks for the info Chuck. There's a lot of good material in that link and I appreciate the Lightroom recommendation.
  5. Hey all, I had a few questions regarding real estate photos and couldn’t locate answers by searching the archives so thought I’d try starting a topic here. I’m a new drone photography business owner and happy to do some drone photos for real estate agents while pursuing other clients. One prospective client asked if I could size the pictures correctly and then upload them to MLS. So far I haven’t gotten very far by trying to contact MLS. What I have gotten is pitches to join various real estate photo companies… Conflicting opinions on what the best photo editing software is… …and not much else. So hey, guys and gals who do real estate photo shoots, what would be a good photo editing program to get? Is there a standard file size etc. that MLS wants or does it vary by region? Beyond editing the pictures/video, do I need anything special (besides an agent’s log in) to interface with MLS? Are there any other questions I haven’t asked because I’m too new to this? Thanks!
  6. Hi Isaac, The company I first mentioned (BWI as the broker with a policy through Global Aerospace) is providing 1 M Liability as well as covering my drone (also known as hull insurance).
  7. BWI got back to me, and just like with your car insurance as soon as you add a second one, the price goes up a little. But they did say there are ways, if I'm only occasionally flying an alternate drone that I can swap it out for my regular one. IDK - we'll see.
  8. Hey, Dave. Good comment there and I'll have to check with them --but the coverage does say I'll be insured to fly multiple drones at the same time (not sure why I'd want to do that), but it doesn't specifically address having a second, third drone etc. I'll post what they say.
  9. Greetings. The broker is BWI (listed in the UAV Coach broker listing). The coverage is through Global Aerospace at $747/yr.
  10. I'm just getting my business up and running (Grandview Drone Photography) and was concerned that I would have to buy hour by hour insurance until I had logged 50 to 100 hours flying time to get an annual policy. Just for the heck of it I sent a quote request to BWI --and was pleasantly surprised to get an offer, even though I only have about 36 hours of flying time. It's for an annual policy with $1,000,000 liability as well as coverage for the value of my drone. At any rate, I just thought I'd pass that info along.