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  1. I am waiting on two more batteries in the mail so I can extend my flight time each day to get more practice in. 12 to 15 minutes is just not enough time, but our weather is changing here in Southeast Michigan in the next coming days. Snow and rain.
  2. Good morning, my name is Edgar Allen Poe, I am a semi-retired chef, from Wyandotte, Michigan which is about 10 miles south of Detroit on the Detroit River, where we can see Canada every day. Received a drone for Christmas, have registered with the FAA and am learning to be a hobbyist. Since becoming involved with a Drone, I have the Vivitar DRC-446 which I am still attempting to get familiarized with, I have been watching a lot of utube vids to become informed of all aspects of Droning. Eventually, I would like steering towards a commercial venture down the road when I am comfortable enough with my piloting skills.