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  1. Totally agree, Chuck. But I try not to get too frustrated with the things I can't control. It doesn't help, so a more laissez-faire attitude keeps my sanity.
  2. As someone that has done hiring outside of the drone industry, this is an issue for all of them. I mean, you put minimum requirements out in a job posting yet so many people just throw their resume in the ring. It is way overwhelming. Personally, I’d like to see a note that says, if you do not meet our minimum requirements yet submit your resume, we will not consider you for employment for the next XX months. Maybe people wouldn’t do it if they knew they would be blacklisted. Then again, perhaps that wouldn’t work at all. At least if you are specific in your posting and there are a ton of qual
  3. I recently registered with FlyGuys as well. They don’t make it a bidding war race to the bottom, but I haven’t gotten any work from any of them. More so through word of mouth and friends.