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  1. They'll hit you with a bunch of questions that require the use and understanding of VFR sectionals. What drove me nuts are questions like: You've been hired to inspect a section of railroad tracks from Podunk 1 and Podunk 2 which are just dots buried under magenta shading, so it takes 10 minutes just to find the spots. VFR sectionals and FAA Part 107 regs. You may see questions about loading and its impact on flight performance and characteristics when center of gravity shifts. Weather usually gets a bunch of questions like cloud formations, turbulence,land mass heat retention etc. VFR sectionals, air space, weather and Part 107 regs will get you through. Good luck.
  2. Jesse, the first thing you'll want to do is get your Part 107 Remote Pilot sUAV license. You have all of the knowledge needed already. You'll need weather, loading and flight characteristics, VFR, airspace, and part 107 regs. Most of the work being done with the sUAV is photography / cinematography and real estate. So, I would get on the phone and talk to Amazon, Power Companies, Oil refineries, security companies and police departments share your background and let them know that you want to fly UAVs. Keep in mind these are small UAVs and not Predators. Best of luck to you Jesse.