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  1. Hello Ali, You are correct, particularly if flights are flown weekly or bi-weekly with both horizontal and vertical photogrammetry scans, and combined with ground control points. Vertical scans, in particular, can be useful to measure and provide details of construction progress, as well as to integrate with AutoCAD or Bentley programs to measure as planned with as built, essentially creating a BIM progress model. David
  2. Hi Brian, I am not an engineer, but I conceptually understand what you are describing. There is value in exploring this, particularly for larger VTOL sUAS systems that need longer endurance to cover larger areas – such as farm fields or construction sites, or to loiter longer over an area, such as for security or wildfire monitoring. Also, it would seem there would be reduced propellor noise and, perhaps, a lower pitch than the typical quadcopter. Less noise would benefit military and security applications. Longer battery life would also reduce operating costs (relatively fewer batteries to purchase). If the design is scalable, it would also facilitate the development of longer-endurance passenger VTOL systems. David
  3. Curious as to what VTOL system you went with.
  4. Morning Lance, Do you have a DJI P4P? david@skydatauav.com David
  5. Happy to offer some thoughts on the subject. David@skydatauav.com. Have developed snd presented several scenarios to law enforcement on the use of drones by terrorists in urban environments.
  6. Hi Av8Chuck -- is this the power line inspection project? What are the requirements?
  7. Mike, For search and rescue training (and since you are in SW FL), consider https://www.airborneresponse.com/. They hold S&R training seminars. David
  8. I fly a Phantom 4 Pro and process with 3D Robotics SiteScan. It provides outstanding orthomosaics and data files. There are other programs, such as Pix4D, that provide similar benefits. I'm exploring fixed-wing and VTOL UAVs for longer flights over larger areas, which would be needed for aerial surveys of the Everglades and construction sites.
  9. Bill makes a good point. I recently flew a project for a contractor that is rebuilding the S333N water control system for the South Florida Water Management District, providing orthomosaics and data of the pre-construction area and pre-construction ground video of existing conditions. Using longer range UAVs to provide images and data for the water management districts offers greater detail for more accurate decision making. Cities along Florida's coast that expect sea level rise have started to use LiDAR and photogrammetry to measure seawalls and implement rules requiring landowners to increase seawall heights. This speaks to the use of UAVs to observe and measure ecological systems.
  10. Another consideration, Jesse, once you establish your drone imaging and data collection skills, is to establish a qualified veteran-owned small business entity with your county government and the federal government. This type of entity fills specific subcontracting requirements by prime contractors doing business with federal, state and county government agencies. Your firm may not be the direct recipient of a contract, but you can work through the mid-sized, local-market based prime contractors to generate business. It's a bit of a hunting and relationship building process, but once established and you have a trusted relationship with the engineering firms and contractors, you'll be better positioned to operate as a service provider. Many of the larger engineering and construction companies have already seen the value of integrating drone operations into their businesses for BIM and construction site progress monitoring. Securing a position with these types of firms will be challenging as they tend to go in-house first.
  11. Interesting concept. But the FLIR camera will only be useful for roof and solar panel inspections if the drone is 6-8 feet from the surface that it is imaging. It has a similar resolution to this hand-held unit: https://www.flir.com/products/e6-wifi/?creative=111741604345&keyword=&matchtype=&network=g&device=c&gclid=CjwKCAiA3vfgBRB9EiwAkfpd3KqxJIPenHE420rSU3eOvXwBN1wEw-ryopLqM5F2usOYq0IuVfubHhoCQqYQAvD_BwE which is for a person to hold and capture images of an area. It would be faster to use the new Mavic than walk around on a roof.
  12. Hi Matthew, I also would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and have a conversation about your business. With more than 300 golf courses in South Florida, including 120 with 15 miles of Fort Lauderdale, there's a lot of ground to cover. I operate a Phantom 4 Pro, and provide architects, engineers and contractors with photographs and video of job sites, as well as point cloud data that be converted to 3D models and orthomosaic images. Please visit: www.skydatauav.com and www.sunshinedrones.com. Best Regards, David
  13. Researched a similar bid last fall, and found this: http://www.silentfalconuas.com/silent-falcon They are legit and seem to have one of the longest airtime of civilian UAVs. Starts at $90,000.
  14. Not sure if it was a backroom deal or furthering of the two companies' strategic alliance. With DJI owning a large share of the drone market, alliances of this nature are necessary in order for the two companies to continue to hold and try to gain market share. DJI likely has similar alliances with a camera manufacturer to incorporate the core elements of that manufacturer's camera hardware into its cameras (why reinvent the wheel?). When GoPro comes out with its fifth generation camera, and if it does not have the same ability to connect to the Solo as the GoPro 4 systems, it will likely have an adapter to do so. If the GoPro 5's video and image quality is as it purports, GoPro will want Solo flyers (and others) to upgrade to their new system to recoup its R&D and manufacturing investment, and earn a profit.
  15. Training should be tailored to the aerodynamic principles associated with flying a drone and not necessarily that of a fixed-wing aircraft, as well as providing comparable private pilot license-level requirement for flying in the national airspace.