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  1. Hi Pilots, I am testing out this drone for my company and wonder if anyone here has one of these and has some insights into it. I have about 10 hours of flight time on it and it is a learning curve. Thanks, Greg https://vantagerobotics.com/
  2. In the NY/NJ area I have a simple plan. I go to the county Public Golf Courses during the winter (when they are completely closed) I go the Public Ski resorts during the summer when they are also closed. No one ever bothers me, because no one is there for activities.
  3. Just a quick update... I passed my test with a 98% After taking Alan's course, I was more prepared for an exam than I ever was in my life. It was totally money well spent. The lectures were easy to follow and I did them at my own pace leading up to test day. The practice tests were great and I really got an idea of how prepared I would be for the actual test. The support team was also really there to answer questions along the way (Thanks Mike) Thanks Alan!
  4. Read ALL the answers thoroughly there are some that LOOK like the right answer but are JUST off. Bring Glasses or a magnifier, the charts can be is smaller font on some computer screens. Relax and have a good breakfast. Get there early, there is paperwork. Don't forget ID Don't be intimidated by the test process, it is not much different than your studies.
  5. I just finished my 107 recurrent exam and got 98%. Not here to brag about the score, but as a testimonial to the incredible course that Alan has here. After taking all the lectures, I was SO prepared for the exam. I am actually upset I missed a question because I was so prepared and comfortable during the exam. Alan made the whole process an incredible pleasure to go through. I used a different company for my original 107 test (before knowing about UAV coach) and really wish I had this kind of preparation the first time. The support along the way was first class and they really pick up the phone/email when you contact them with helpful information. Again, a BIG thanks to Alan and the team for a wonderful experience and a super score on my exam! Kudos Greg, NY, NY
  6. Welcome Howard. I use DJI products for the most part and the software is pretty solid. Just remember, the best drone is the one you HAVE and use. Enjoy, if I am near you, I will give out a shout.
  7. This site is actually amazing when you are ready. I have been on several sites and read a TON of drone material over the years. When you are really ready for the part 107, contact the owner of this forum, Alan Perlman and he can assist with courses offered at UAV Coach. I passed my 107 and am renewing it through information on the course offered here. The 107 is a nice thing to have.
  8. Hey David, Welcome to the wonderful world of Drones. All I can say is to practice, practice, practice. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Start off SLOW, really get to know the proper rules and regulations and learn to fly safely. The more you take it easy and really learn to appreciate your drone and what it can do, the better you will most likely be in the long run. There is no rush to do things that are riskier...experience and proper planning will mitigate unwelcome results. Enjoy the flying and have fun. ps... think about getting your Part 107, there is so much good that can come from it.
  9. Hello, I am a commercial UAV Pilot for a major news Network. Joined and like what I see so far. Alan runs a super looking site with INCREDIBLE info. Just got back from AZ, here is a photo to share. Happy to be aboard.