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  1. I just signed up with DroneInsurance.com, because while they charge for each separate drone (both monthly/annually and per flight day), their flight coverage takes care of a whole day and has unlimited distance, something that Verifly would have piked me on. Had a pretty hellacious time securing the right forms to shoot in the LA area, with a mixed experience: - they were very responsive, - on one set of COIs/Endorsements, I had to insist they read everything in the last request, whereby they found language that completely countered what they'd just told me - and then they botched that last set of docs. Meanwhile, I'm 10 minutes away from the stated FilmLA office cutoff. In the end got everything I needed and was able to shoot, no doubt due to some sacrifice on their end, but I don't know, paying $160 to insure a backup P4P for 2 days ($5M policy) seems beatable. Curious to see more of what others are finding.
  2. Great thanks Alan. I've used the LAANC function in Airmap before, but didn't think of also notifying hospitals, heliports, and such until after. I do like the fact Airmap gives you a way to communicate the end to your flying via your remote's device, as opposed to Skyward, which I think one would have to do manually. One issue I ran into with Airmap, though, is they will only let you schedule LAANC submission for one drone at a time. I just applied for my backup in Skyward as a workaround, but obviously, it'd be nice to be able to do both at once and concurrently. Anyway, thanks for the info!
  3. @Alan Perlman I know you're busy, but do you have a sec to shed a little light on this?
  4. Hey all, I went through DPGS last year, prior to LAANC rolling out, and now I've got a Q - If I (a 107 cert holder) am planning to fly in an area where LAANC approval is available, do I need to also call/notify nearby heliports and airstrips, or are they able to "see" my flight info from LAANC, just like a towered airport?