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  1. Well... that's the type of information that you provided that I need to know. I just do not want to play with a drone, I want to make good money and enjoy what I am doing by using a drone to work with. I do know that I do not want to setup a business with employees, I just want to be a one person operation. That I do know. And if people are not going to pay much for aerial photography then knowing that would steer me away from that possibility and look into exploring something else using drones.
  2. Thank you Trafcon and Dillon.... I really appreciate your insights and advice.
  3. Thank you! I really don't know what I want to do in the drone business. I do know that I want to do whatever fastest growing use for drones will be. I am visualizing in perhaps specializing in two different fields and that both of them be rewarding and lucrative. I just don't know what those 2 specializations would be at this time. I have been trying to find data on it but have unsuccessful at this point. I have been looking at a lot of inexpensive drones on Amazon. Something just to practice with. I have put about 10 different ones on my wishlist there and I will then reviewing each one to see which one I would like to try out to practice with and get familiar.
  4. Thank you for the valuable information. I am wondering if you guys know or yourselves skilled in all types of Drone skills. Such as an operator that contracts his/her skills to farmers, construction jobs, real estate etc? Multi tasked operators.
  5. I live in the Phoenix area. I need to know where I can get an overall view of learning the drone business. I thought that the Drone Command would be a good start to get a quick gloss over at least. It's $299 for 3 days of information. Plus they spend time with people who have never flew a drone in learning to fly or to at least get their feet wet. I am very interested in phasing out my current business and doing something new. I would welcome any suggestions that you have to offer for a person like me as to where to start my journey. I'm 62 years of age so getting another degree is not my interest. I need to know where I can get flight training, where to obtain the proper licenses and in what order, and what business segment is demanding drone usage the most? I'm about as green as they come!
  6. Hello... I'm a newbie. I don't own a drone and I don't know how to fly a drone. I'm interested in learning how to fly and then market my skills fly UAV's. My question in general is this. 1) Where are the bulk of UAV jobs coming from? What industry? 2) Would attending a seminar called "Drone Command Live" be a good start for a beginner to get ideas and information about the industry and different career options? Has anyone here attended one of these Seminars? 3) I have noticed that everyone has their preference of UAV's that they prefer flying, I was performing searches trying to determine the best all around, all purpose drone that would be considered an extremely nice quality drone to use?