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  1. Adwords can get expensive real quick if you don't know what you are doing. It seems simple to setup but you can easily spend hundreds of dollars without seeing any return. There's a lot of tweaking and little tricks you can do to optimize your campaigns. Best to talk to a specialist.
  2. Welcome Grant. I'm from Sydney but travel globally for drone work. I recently created a startup for drone pilots in Australia if you're interested come check it out and sign up https://dronehive.com.au PM me if you just want to network and chat.
  3. That is just absurd. Isn't the whole point of drones to get to places where you couldn't otherwise? Just like when cyber crime first came into play they will need to adapt and respond accordingly.
  4. I was thinking about going to this also and it could be good just from the networking aspect. Anyone been?
  5. Never liked insurance, the policies are always vague on purpose so they squirm out of paying. Remember they are not selling insurance to actually help anyone. When it comes to claims it's whole other matter.