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  1. Thanks for the INFO I am alas in Washington State now helping this county develop sound plans. Unfortunately embracing the new technologies can be difficult in communities that are "disaster deficient". I think I am going to approach this from a HAZMAT and terrorism response angle. Protecting the environment out here is paramount in everyone's mind. Thanks for the seminar info, I may come get some sun anyways.
  2. Hello Todd I totally agree with you about the scope of use for UAV and other unmanned aerial platforms, Funding creativity could draw from all those uses within a county or municipal government. I would love to see more conversation about specific use failures and successes. My present focus is on response and recovery because that is the nature of my position. This does not stop me from making notes for future projects. HAZMAT, damage assessment, Search and Rescue, Bridge inspections, and fire response are on my immediate interest list. Looking for policies, SOP, SOG,
  3. I review and write plans for County response for the Department of Emergency Management (DEM). What I see is that there is no real conversation happening about the pros and cons to drone use during response and recovery operations after a disaster. Topics I would love to discuss is the use of drones for building inspections after an event, GIS mapping use plans post event, HAZMAT spill or response use, Bridge inspections, Road closure verification due to flood. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) applications, and so on. These stories could help usher a huge use of dro
  4. I would like to hear what other communities throughout the country are doing to integrate UAV operations in to their planning, exercises, training, and response. I am wanting to discuss agency policies, plans and procedures as well best practices. As a side bar the sharing of contact info to share additional information would also be encouraged within this conversation.