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  1. Not Legal Advice - To answer your question directly as stated, per the FAA is would be "yes". Alan included some of the FAA definition (thank you), and since you are using it for reviewing practice, it falls into what they define as "commercial". To help, we all know that the FAA has a 333 in place, but the most critical component that provides hope, is Part 107 which we are hopping would be much better. Congress is meeting toward the end of March 2016 to address this, and I believe the goals will be to provide a certification for UAS "aka. drones" for this industry. Since you've been flying for this long, I would assume you are also an AMA member; I would say like the large aircraft certification AMA has for us members. "HOPE!!!"
  2. Congratulations to this company, and again, they kept an excellent safety record, so FAA would approve their amendment from the previous 333 they held. Great job guys.
  3. I would strongly agree, please practice in ATTI as much as you can. If practicing outside is an issue with weather, there are two awesome flight simulators on the market that works great. I bought a cheap Spektrum radio so I can practice with a real controller. Practice ATTI, and let's keep our safety records to the best we can!
  4. Good morning and thank you for creating this site. Been following you guys for a while, and good information overall. I've been flying RC's for over 30 years when we used to design and build most of our RCs. Custom designed and built our first high altitude UAV back in the early 90's when I worked for the Gov. Now retired and working with an awesome company with lots of great R&D. Been designing and building multi-copters for over 4 years, and having lots of fun. Technology is really exponentially growing to a really fast rate, and one must be even more careful today as some products are copycat and not well built. Please do your research before buying and building your copters. Look forward on seeing this site growing. Cheers!
  5. Safety is a paramount item for our industry to become successful and reflect good safety to our governing industry agencies. Please be safe and replace all of them including all your props. I would rather be on the safe side and replace all 4 of them since it was involved in a crash and 75% of your props broke. Also replace the one prop that survived, you wouldn't wont it to break on a flight. The aircraft is worthy a lot more than two set of props and connects.
  6. If performing indoor flights is a requirement, then spending a lot of ATTI practice time both in simulation and actual flight is a requirement. Even if you have GPS, all that interference will affect GPS mode. Again, practice makes it perfect, and when in crowded environment, I would rely on a safer method unless you have a barrier keeping everyone from a safe distance in ATTI mode. Practice, practice, practice!!!