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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I just purchased my drone and was researching the canadian laws and found out about the restricted fly zones, according to this tool I can't fly anywhere in my local area. Kind of disheartening to find this out.
  2. Very cool, I watched an arena race showcasing FPV drone racing this morning an that looked intense! I think I will stick to VLOS for now, but most likely will play with FPV in the future
  3. I'm not sure either about the spectrum capture and I know the range is limited to 4-5m so probably not going to happen out of the box but was just curious. I see that there are companies making lidar "pucks" for a reasonable price and that may be the way to go in the future.
  4. Has anyone considered using a Kinect as a 3d scanner mounted to a phantom 3? I don't know if it would have the range but it's something I want to look into as a cheap solution to provide accurate data. Was also reading about multi-spectrum cameras, would this be a better option?
  5. You say "using a phantom 3 pro" so are these rendered from 4k video then? Are they accurate enough to take measurements from?
  6. I seen this morning that there is going to be a course offered by icarus aerials. I wanted to know how I can take this course. I have direct experience working with lidar and photogrammetry data and data alignment and post-capture processing and am very interested in using that tech combined with a drone to produce a huge value added product for clients. So does anyone know how to get into this course?
  7. Thanks Brent, I'm hoping to be able to get all clearances needed in order to do any kind of aerial work so an SFOC is in my future however I'm going to start with the exemption part first and then focus on my niche and go from there. I am just starting so any info is helpful I'm hoping to become an integral part of the UAV community. And having fun is what this is all about isn't it? Lol
  8. What is causing these cracks? Is it just the stress of flying? I'm currently waiting for my Phantom 3 to show up and I will be keeping an eye out for these cracks now
  9. Do you find it easier or harder to fly?
  10. Thanks Alan, I will check that out for sure
  11. Hi everyone, glad to be a part of a community now and hopefully I can get some help/advice I am in Canada and here we are required to apply for a special flight operations certificate exemption if we want to fly for commercial purposes and one of the requirements is drone training, can anyone recommend a site or a video site that I can learn some basic techniques to satisfy my training requirment? Thanks everyone