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  1. Dragon Springs expansion will pollute the environment
  2. Environmental pollution affects the vital interests of local residents.
  3. Dragon Springs Buddhist Inc has 25 acres of taxable land near the Gaimad toll road.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZTVirhBPKY&feature=youtu.be Stop Dragon Springs'iresponsible land development now!
  5. Does anyone care about environmental protection? Ok. But still thank the forum for allowing me to make comments.
  6. We can focus on our hobbies, such as UAVs. Because we are healthy and harmonious. But when there is a survival crisis, we should unite to face it, even if it has not happened to some people.
  7. Building codes are only for us poor folk unless you pay the man you are forced to follow . Corruption at its best.
  8. Dragon Springs Pollution of Basherkill River https://www.facebook.com/1680063202246064/videos/1986359328283115/
  9. Dragon Springs water pollution threatens mussels, angers neighbors. https://www.recordonline.com/news/20180202/dragon-springs-water-pollution-threatens-mussels-angers-neighbors
  10. We have lived next to this for 15+ years....and the building continues. Any wonder most of the residents have sold their homes ,many for cash, to the " volunteers"...we are being forced out of our community. Even if you don't live on GH Road you will be negatively affected.