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  1. Hi All, I am putting together a manual for my business - it covers all areas of business and flight operations, including a flight log. I am wondering what others in our community are doing for flight logs - do you just use the files you download from your smartphone? I am currently planning on using a combination of a spreadsheet where I record the purpose of the flight, location, client, time, battery used, etc, along with the associated flight log files downloaded from iTunes (i use an iPhone with my DJI controller and Phantom 3 Pro drone). I am planning on building a business primarily around equipment inspections, though that may evolve over time based on market forces. What are you using? Why does it work for you? I'd really appreciate the benefit of your experience. thanks, - Derrick
  2. Philip, Wow, your reel, and your website, look amazing! Your photography shows the love you have for your city - you make New Orleans really shine! And the Real Estate and construction shots demonstrate the capabilities of drone photography. Your website is an example of what can be achieved, and what a perfect website for your drone business should look like. I am impressed, instructed and a bit humbled - awesome!
  3. Sounds to me like the very type of bad behavior that gives drones a bad name. I like CBD's suggestion: Personally though if someone tries to talk to me while I am flying solo, I'll generally tell them I would be happy to answer their questions after I land, but that I can't field questions during flights for safety reasons. Sometimes I even post a sign to this fact.
  4. With the coming FAA requirement in 2020 for all manned aircraft to be equipped with ADS-B transceivers, I wonder if that will have any effect on drones? I ran across this company that designed an ADS-B Out transceiver specifically for the UAS market: https://uavionix.com/news/new-ads-b-transceiver-is-smallest/. Its just 75 grams! Still costs $1300, but perhaps that would come down with volume production? I spoke with some pilots at the local RC Model flying park who were concerned that they may be required to equip their models at some point in the future. This could be a good thing - airplane pilots might be less concerned about drones if they could see us on their TCAS systems? Just curious what the group thinks. Maybe it would only be required on larger drones that are more of a threat to airplanes? Anyone else have more info? thanks, - Derrick
  5. I live in Colorado where both the state and our county (Jefferson) prohibit flying of drones in state and county parks, except in very limited locations: the RC Plane flight park. Basically this means all parks in the area are off limits for drone flying. National Forest lands west of Denver are open except for the usual restrictions around airports, forest fires, etc. Interestingly, these areas do not show up on FAA's B4UFly app, I don't believe they monitor local restrictions so it is up to us as pilots to identify these further restrictions. It is a challenge to be aware of all the rules - it would be great if one of the apps like B4UFly or Airmap could identify these restrictions. It would also be helpful if the FAA Part 107 training materials and FAA UAS Website were more clear - currently they give the impression that if you check B4UFly and it doesn't show any restrictions, you are good to go which isn't the case for State and County parks. Just my thoughts, here is the regulation for Jefferson County Openspace Parks: C.26. Missiles and Craft: C.26.a. Except as authorized by law or under this Policy, it shall be unlawful to throw, discharge, launch, operate by remote control or land any type of unmanned aircraft system (drone), missile, rocket or craft from, on or above Open Space Lands including waters. Fine: $50.00 C.26.b. Except as authorized by law or under this Policy, it shall be unlawful to launch, land or operate any piloted aircraft including, but not limited to, helicopters, airplanes, ultralights, gliders, hang gliders, paragliders, BASE jumpers, sky divers, powered parachutes or hot air balloons from, on or above Open Space Lands including waters. Fine: $200.00 FYI - the country has established a site in one of the parks for Hang Gliders and Paragliders: there is are specific launch and landing sites. Perhaps we could get them to do the same for drones?
  6. Just wanted to introduce myself: Derrick Nedzel, a new pilot. I retired a year ago from a career in software development and software sales. I have a lifelong interest in aviation and am interested in starting a part-time business in Drone aerial photography and mapping. I have passed my FAA Part 107 exam, I bought a toy drone to practice flight control and purchased a used DJI drone (Phantom 3 Pro 4k) to get started with. I am still working thru all the business issues, insurance, marketing topics, but I want to get accomplished with the drone and related software before i make any big investments or commitments. I live in the Denver, Colorado area and hope to do work throughout the area: Colorado, Utah, New Mexico. regards, - Derrick