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  1. Hello there. I client wants me to get some aerials of Jackson Heights in NYC. I have applied and got approval from the FAA to conduct this operation in with class B airspace. I am able to launch from private property and the flight plan will not take me over any pedestrians. information that I am getting says that it is illegal to fly within NYC. so I did some more research and can't find any laws in place that say it's illegal. I got in touch with the mayor's office and they have been no help what so ever. So I am very confused and getting mixed information from other pilots in NYC. Love to
  2. Hi All. Next week I'm contracted to film some aerials within class B airspace. I requested authorization through Dronezone the other week and just got approved for my mission within the flight area I submitted. Can anybody who has experience flying within Class B give me some advice about my next step? other then the safety precautions I’m putting in place. Is it good practice to call the nearest airport’s ATC to inform them. This will be my first time flying under these conditions and want to conduction this the correct way. Any good advice would be appreciated.Adz
  3. Hello. Have a question about additional rates, I’m flying the I2 with an x5s, without DNG/pro res license. Just had a request from a client to capture in raw. As I don’t have the license or SSD’s/reader, so on, so’s going to be fairly expensive to upgrade the I2 for this one shoot. Want to check and see what other pilots are doing, is this typically an addition charge when the client request Raw capture?
  4. Hello there. Pretty new to the form and this is my 1st post. been reading info posted the pass few weeks and it’s been very informative information, so thanks. I have a question about launching from a state park. Was flying yesterday around the Hudson River and was stop by the police. Apparently I launched from state property. Anyway, I want to finish my operation and want to go through the correct channels. I am a new certified RPIC and I am only flying for recreational purposes at the moment. I called about getting a permit today and the person at the state park office told me I need to appl