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  1. No worries, we will also be on the West Coast in Los Angeles on March 7-8. If you are interested you can find more information via
  2. You bet -- since you are based in Florida, you may want to consider attending our UAS DRONES Disaster Conference which will be held at Florida International University's Kovens Conference Center in North Miami on April 11-12. AIRT has partnered with FIU's Academy for International Disaster Preparedness to host the conference which will explore the emerging role of UAS and related technologies for emergency management and disaster response. The schedule will be released soon. In the meantime, you can learn more via Also, you can save 50% off the lowest available conference registration price by using the promotional code "AIRT" at checkout. Hope to see you there!
  3. Hello Mr. Hans, If you break the mission sets down via the National Response Framework (NRF) core mission areas of protection, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery, both UAS and Tethered Aerostat Systems (TAS)™ show incredible potential. Most folks are only thinking about response and recovery, but the UAS/GIS component becomes critical for the preparedness stages as well. Here is a brief example of how we integrated UAS and TAS into a FSE on January 24 here in Miami: sUAS News Happy to have a conversation with you as needed to discuss further.