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  1. Hi All at UAV Coach, My name is Mark, I am based just outside of Edinburgh in Scotland and have been in Technology/Telecommunications for what seems like a life-time!!(before that was in British Army for 18 years) Have been using drones since around since around 2007 (Microdrones MD4-200) first time I think anyone used drones for Telecommunications surveying when I was at Vodafone here in the UK. Spent a lot of wasted time working for major mobile operators since then, however, I was waiting for the drone Industry to kick in properly. Those first drones were not cheap and only had 1% the capability they do now. So now, I am spending a lot of my time learning and talking to people about UAVs and am nearing agreement with a project in Norway which should keep me in beer for the next few years but will also give my little one-man Company a big boost. I only have two loves in my life, firstly My Kawasaki ZX10RR and secondly my little Mavic Air, both make me laugh out loud whenever I am out with them.......oops, 3 things, forgot about the wife!! She still comes 3rd...... Anyway, look forward to using the forum and chatting. Cheers to Everyone, Mark.