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  1. Hi Matt, For me, the fact that I would be able to spend more time travelling and flying my drone and less time chasing payments and indeed chasing clients would increase my productivity no end. Bringing everything into one collaborative system is superb, will save me many days of mind-numbing admin!!! Matt, maybe I should sign up for the beta-program and dry test it?
  2. HI Matt, Airilo Connect looks fantastic. I am in Scotland, so maybe not something I could use right now, but if you do look to expand drop me a line, tourism in Scotland is massive and on the rise, so rentals are on the increase. Cheers Mark.
  3. Hi All at UAV Coach, My name is Mark, I am based just outside of Edinburgh in Scotland and have been in Technology/Telecommunications for what seems like a life-time!!(before that was in British Army for 18 years) Have been using drones since around since around 2007 (Microdrones MD4-200) first time I think anyone used drones for Telecommunications surveying when I was at Vodafone here in the UK. Spent a lot of wasted time working for major mobile operators since then, however, I was waiting for the drone Industry to kick in properly. Those first drones were not cheap and only