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  1. Av8chuck - sorry we missed connecting. Sounds like it may be light for my application.... as I also run my own design/builds using the Y6 plus my own octo configs as the basic platform frame and starting point. however, I do like a great conversation as you never know where it may lead and the H520/E90 may be a combo I can work with. i am traveling on Sunday but should be available most evenings and occasionally thru the day at the following: 360.609.0627 505.412.0592 please text before calling so that I know it’s ‘you’. I’ll be in a remote area in the Mountain time zone with a client. Reception is often spotty, but let’s do try and connect in this matter. best
  2. If it is still available I may be interested, however I’d like to discuss this system and the limits you found first. Please reach out via email (kdauclair@gmail.com) with a subject line “ Yuneec”, and we can arrange to discuss during normal business hours (0900-1700). We are in the Pacific time zone. Thanks.