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  1. Ok I never flown a drone ever before. I’m going to school to get my license in April. There’s a lot of choices of drones out there any addvice what to buy as my first drone to learn off of it’s got to be under 250 grams as I have no license yet and I’m very interested in getting the hang of it or should I just take a chance and by a Mavic 2 pro with all the sensors on it so I don’t crash it.
  2. Yes I agree with you at least there trying something new. And actually transplanting replanting hydro seeding using plugs or spraying gylphosate and herbicide are all invasive trees and or kill out hardwood vegetation to that Original forest Mother Nature has away of regrowing the forest from its own DNA as long as there’s roots there in the ground you’ll see a great number of sapling growing within a year or two.spruce soft wood trees need to burn to open the seeds at the very top of the trees in order for them to fall to the ground and to replant the forest floor. The fire actually helps the forest it can get rid of the bugs naturally without using chemicals that kill the bugs but also make the animals sick enough that they starve to death. Moose deer rabbits coyotes wolves bears so on.anyways my hope is they do it for the good of the forest make a little profit from it. Great interesting reads
  3. Wow this was an excellent read. Learning everyday something new. Thanks for sharing .
  4. Hello to all. I’m brand new to this never flew a UAV ever before I’m from Woodstock New Brunswick mid 40s into forestry management, atv ,snowmobile picture of wildlife ,predator management, I’m a licensed saw doctor. I plan on buying dragonfly or a freefly for forestry management mapping inventory wildlife pictures and for fun. I’m going to a course in April in Fredericton to get my UAV pilot licence