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    Notam 8/3277

    I did not include the notam itself. Obviously, I did not write it! Title 49 governs regulations concerning Transportation, in any form. The Airspace is under the Jurisdiction of the Federal Government. It doesn't matter if your standing in Antarctica, if it takes place in the U.S., it falls under U.S. jurisdiction. Federalism, in all it's wonderful nuances, gives the superior authority to the Federal Government. So, while Barney Fife may arrest you, the case still falls under Federal Regulation. Still with me?
  2. teamplayer

    Notam 8/3277

    Notice was given on December 20th, 2018 of all classes (including G) of airspace given over from the FAA to National Security Interests. What does this mean for the UAV pilot? Local jurisdictions, under the direction of the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice may, at their discretion, direct local officials to enforce laws. Read and dissect the Notam. Much of what UAV pilots do under Title 48 will now fall under Title 49.
  3. teamplayer

    Non commercial shots for publication, website

    Name one non-profit sued by the FAA, ever. Name five non-profits sued in a local jurisdiction in the last year. In order to charge the videographer, they must call the non-profit to testify.
  4. teamplayer

    Non commercial shots for publication, website

    I am not disputing what AV8Chuck said, however; a non-profit will not garner enough attention to create a stir in regards to your footage. The adverse impact on any challenge to non-profits is enough to dissuade most government entities from prosecuting. More to the point, use the earnings to go get your FAA 107. Money well spent. Lastly, they can use the footage now, and compensate you later. You should trust them, they trusted an unlicensed pilot. ;)