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  1. Hi Tony, thanks for your information. I am writing w.r.t. RPAS operations in South Africa where the Regulatory Offices are focusing on Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and not SORA as yet. I deal with these type of Commercial applications frequently as a Consultant on behalf of Clients, so have started incorporating EASA processes, with reference to SORA specifically, into the SOP which also captures the information pertaining to Concept of Operations. Although the developed Risk Assessment content and outcome does not directly align with the SAIL that you have made reference to, it neverth
  2. Have you heard about the term SORA of late in the Drone Industry? Is this something that has become part of your Commercial Drone Operation where you based? Interested to get any related feedback thanks. Extract from EASA re: SORA `The Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) is a novel approach on how to safely create, evaluate and conduct an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) operation. It focuses on assigning to a UAS-operation two classes of risk, a ground risk class (GRC) and an air risk class (ARC). `
  3. There are many opportunities in Africa for Commercial Drone businesses to thrive however in order to enter this African Market you need to know which path to follow. This is probably true for most places globally however as we are a South African based business that can facilitate clients looking for such a business opportunity anywhere in Africa I can only comment on what I am familiar with. The African market is expanding and more African Regulators appear to be considering developing their Drone Laws based on the South African Regulatory Model. Our research to date has included the gatherin