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  1. The current RC comes with a display. There is talk that with the firmware update, it could be used with a RC without a display. But i don't have an RTK to test this theory.
  2. I agree with everyone's assessment on the differences of the two RTK platforms. What's also a current item to consider is what data capture application are you using to "drive" the drone? You can use what's supplied by DJI. But some companies prefer other alternatives. If that application requires a tablet to connect to the controller, then the P4 RTK is currently not an option. As others have noted, DJI is aware of this limitation.
  3. Kevin Spear

    3DR site scan/support

    They are very responsive. If you subscribe to their service, they provide contacts for help. In fact, if you're completely new, they offer an on-boarding program called something like success services to help you through each step of the process. They also will sell you a drone, but you can use any drone that's supported.
  4. Interesting thread. Obviously late to the discussion. :) How would you describe aerial photogrammetry shops? Is not the drone service the exact same thing at a lower altitude? Typically, surveyors would paint targets and provide coordinates so that those types of shops could provide a geo-rectified cad file showing simple linework and contours. When this data is included in surveyed base maps, reference notes are provided to indicate the source. These base maps are then signed and sealed by the surveyor. With drone processing options, we can get an ortho-mosaic and/or a point cloud. Simply, its the evolution of the data. The aerial company isn't signing the drawings in either case. Thoughts?