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  1. Hi everyone! I am an architecture graduate currently working in Construction management. I passed the written exam for my FAA Remote Pilot License and am really dedicated to breaking into the drone industry as a career. My goal is to become a photographer/videographer with my Mavic 2 Pro. I'm naturally interested in providing services for architecture firms or construction companies given my education and occupation background but, I am very interested in getting into Real Estate and Inspections also. I've done research to find the proper training and programs needed for mapping/3D modelings
  2. Inspiring to see such momentum in the drone industry! 😃
  3. The incident is very unfortunate for the drone operator, it is interesting that the people are encouraged to contact the police first rather than a less aggressive option.
  4. Hi Everyone! My name is Ben, I recently graduated with my bachelor degree in architecture in Boston. After college, I moved to California and began working into construction management full time. At first, I was super excited to experience such an opportunity, I mean wow! California right?! But after a few months, I found my self living a life that I did not want. I found my self waking up at 4 am every morning to work at a 12hr job, and anyone who knows construction knows it can get very overwhelming. My world became completely construction focused and felt I had no time in my life to do