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  1. Rylan Loemker, Thank you for your kind help. Will try out later.
  2. Uaviator53 I have followed all the instruction to update but when complete it said Success but 6.00.40 NOT 7.00.90 Maybe the V2 is different. Thanks,
  3. Thanks Alan, But...which of these Firmware... My Inspire 1 V2 Firmware Inspire 1 Firmware v1.7.0.90 2016-03-17 zip Inspire 1 Firmware v. 2015-12-22 zip Inspire 1 Firmware v1.3.0.00 2015-08-04 zip How to Update Firmware v1.4 2015-10-22
  4. Editor/Friends, Can you please tell me what is the CURRENT firmware on my Inspire 1 V2 Aircraft/Remote/Battery. I am NEW to all this. Thank you.
  5. Thanks Alan...yes it disappears from screen when you start up.. flight record under LOCATION only 'Map Loading' You know when you go to your Flight Record on iPad it shows Map Loading NOT the name of the place like 'Galway' When I first started out it recorder place name. Cheers,
  6. Hello Friends, I notice that WARNING 'HOME POINT NOT RECORDED' appears of my iPad air app screen even though the voice suggests Home Point is now Activated & the map shows location... Is this something I should be concerned about when flying. Note: I am a newbie just got less the a handful of hours under my belt mainly due to bad weather conditions. ALSO: on the flight record under LOCATION only 'Map Loading' after each flight appears & when I first started out the NAME of location showed. This seems a good place to air my many question as I experience my flying encounters. Hope you experienced professional can lend a helping hand. Thank you. PressMan