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  1. Hi all, I am new to this forum so, i just hope would be able to make my active presence here. Actually i need to record my YouTube videos and i need to a suitable drone for that, I read about Mavic Pro But i found it little expensive. Can anybody suggest me a drone under $500 that is good enough to record the HD quality videos and having a flying time of at least 10-12 minutes. Thanks In Advance
  2. I agree that it takes a lot of efforts when we talk about selling. i believe the most important part of selling to come up with the customized requirement of a customer and pitching them the product with the benefits they will be having to use it. We need to present our product as a valuable one which you are making available at very reasonable price. The prospect converts but with time, As per my experience in selling i would say that follow ups are really crucial as a buyer makes his mind after a sort of evaluation and we need to keep in touch with him so that anybody else would not be able to reach him.