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  1. if you are driving, you have the unique opportunity to also use an inverter in your car's lighter socket. i have a 400W one in my jeep. i can plug in 2 household plugs and 2 usb's it will run off your car battery as you drive. my jeep happens to have a power port that does not rely on ignition to be turned on, (of course I dont use that functionality for long durations... lol) but often as i drive. i will upload a couple pics...
  2. I used a sharpie and wrote mine on the hull. true they didn't specify "How it must be marked" either in 2015 of original rule, nor add language for the Interim rule. the most significant piece of the change was that the number must be "on the surface" and not in an inside compartment which the 2015 rule allowed for. I'll take a pic of mine and post it. I used the sharpie bcoz i too was trying to find the best method that "wouldn't fall off" like you mentioned
  3. I have a question. I'm new to the drone thing (about 6 months in). I did pass my AKT Test today (yaye for me!) and when I posted my news in a new UAV Group i joined a month ago, questions / comments came up about whether the test i passed was "for a hobbyist, or towards part 107 use." honestly I wasn't aware of any Knowledge test for a hobbyist Further into the comments on my post, they also made a comment about "hobbyist registration" versus "Commercial Registration" in adjunct response to that Interim Rule for ID publish yesterday... again, i didn't know there were two options for re
  4. Stunning post-production I'm a huge fan of post production lol!
  5. Howdy all, JJ from Central VA, USA. Cramming now for my AKT on 14-Feb. 😱 the weather/micrometeorology has been my biggest downfall during practice tests. Anyway, still learning tons of how the sum of all the parts fit together, and the best Apps to use for certain missions. I am an artist (acrylics painter), photographer and graphic designer. I want to fly both recreationally and commercially and grab spectacular shots in certain state parks that allow commercial permits to be obtained. Maybe do real estate as well, but mostly in it for the stunning footage and photography pieces to