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  1. Thanks Alan for the welcome and the link to the resource. I will be reviewing the document so I can be familiar and prepare for the new regulations.
  2. Hi Dale and welcome. I have the Typhoon H and is a great aircraft with motor redundancy in the event of a failure so I believe you will be happy with the purchase. One recommendation is that unlike the DJI the TH doesn't come with smart batteries and its your responsibility to discharge batteries when not in use for a period of time. if not the battery life will diminish over time so be aware of it. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. My drone youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ltYF3dpfvAigt6RpSpZAg/videos?view_as=subscriber Cesar
  3. Hi fellow UAV Coach members, I want to introduce myself, although I'm new to UAV coach I've been flying UAVs for over 4 years. I have flown the DJI phantom 2, inspire 1, Mavic 2 zoom as well as Yuneec Q500 and Typhoon H. I fly as both a hobbyist as well as in a commercial capacity for real estate and weddings among other sectors and I’m FAA 107 certified for close to 2 years. Currently refreshing Part 107 regulations to renew my certification. I look forward to learn from other pilots as well as sharing my own flying experiences that can benefit the pilots in this group. I have a desire to help our search and rescue community so I’m interested to see if there is other members that can offer some direction as well as other experiences obtaining FAA waver to fly at night. One of the challenges and question that is typically asked by new pilots is “Where can I fly safely and without being harassed?” I believe many new and existing pilots can benefit with some type of repository that can help answer this question and perhaps something that this group can help. Thank you and looking forward to be an active member of this group. Cesar Lillo