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  1. Hi John, Welcome onboard and nice to hear about your journey. But, I think you mistakenly did your introduction on my topic. Better you create a separate topic and paste your introduction there. And don't forget to tag your location when introducing yourself as stated in the top right widget.
  2. Hi UAV Coach members, Allow me to introduce myself, and I’m Oliver McClintock. I am more of a drone freak just like you guys and take the hobby seriously. What made me create an account in this forum is because of the amount of contribution UAV Coach is doing for the drone community. Despite being a drone expert myself (this is not to boast myself, but if you want to know how my love for drone started then read this), I always like to listen to what other professionals has to say. It is right with CEO & Founder, Alan Perlman and his team including his son dubbed “Future Drone Pilot” Miles Perlman (just joking 😀). Alan, I have been reading most of your articles lately, and I must appreciate the depth of your writing. I have enjoyed your insights and would request permission to share your works on my official social channels. Not to mention, your website is much better & professional after switching to a new theme. I will actively involve in discussions of this forum and maybe try to serve useful insights or help out fellow droners with my expertise. Hope you keep this community up and running and probably we can hop on a Skype text chat if you have free time. Best Regards, Oliver McClintock