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  1. I would like to find out more what pilots are looking for from a marketplace or the ability to make a marketable profile. I am developing an index to rank pilots through our platform - in hopes of allowing expert and experienced pilots to make what they are worth and creating a pipeline for new pilots to start with more budget conscience clients. ( more like linked-in then drone base) What would help you most in creating appropriate pricing and reaching the right level of client?
  2. Hi! I am Liz Ferrari and I need pilots! Candoo Manager is a unified commercial drone business management platform, which is just a really long way of saying, (almost) all the apps you are currently using are integrated into one app. We are out of beta and will be live again in March 2019 with updates and more features. If you have any questions or suggestions on some of your challenges, Candoo will always to create the right solutions so that we can all grow our businesses together.