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  1. Iceland, the west in summer.Drone footage, time lapses and 4k video
  2. ND filters for drone photography, timelapses and videography.Do you really need them?
  3. Cervino (Matterhorn) and Mont Rosa in the Italian Alps. Drone footage, 4k video and timelapses. Mountains and castles in Aosta valley
  4. Done video: the most used cinematic moves, how to perform them and mistakes to avoid.My top three favorite shots
  5. Lampedusa, between Europe and Africa. Tourists and migrants. Drone footage and 4k video
  6. Yes, those first two days when I was shooting it was nice and fresh. After that it become incredibly hot, my drone refused to take off 🙂 The average altitude was about 1000 meters (3000 feet)
  7. Many thanks Chase, I will follow your advice about fading out and will try letterbox
  8. Drone footage, 4k timelapses and video with Nikon D850 in North Iceland in the month of August
  9. Drone footage (Mavic 2 Zoom) and timelapses with Nikon D850 shot in July.
  10. Iceland is a true drone paradise: fantastic nature, but, even more important, incredible light!
  11. Monte Rosa and Cervino (Matterhorn) in Italian Alps by drone.Mountains and castles in the beautiful region of Aosta valley.I had planned to stay in the region filming for 20 days, but I had to cut it short because of incredible heat and very bad light. Even the mountains were melting down...
  12. Reduce noise and flicker in drone video and time lapses with Neat Video 5.0
  13. Thank you Chuck, I am on the East coast of Sicily at the moment. Great place for flying, when is not too hot!