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  1. How to use APAS 4.0 with the DJI Air 2S for detection and avoidance of obstacles
  2. Top 8 Cinematic Drone Movements - Shoot footage like a Pro.Moves used by video professionals in motion pictures, documentaries, or advertising to make the most of the enormous capabilities offered by drones for aerial videography
  3. Follow cars, bicycles, people, boats with the DJI Air 2S.Together with Spotlight and Point of Interest, Activetrack 4.0 is part of the intelligent flight modes, grouped under the name Focus Track
  4. How to color grade footage shot with any drone, by adjusting the white balance. I also explain how to use LUTs
  5. How to edit, color correct luminosity and contrast, and use LUTs for color grading, using Premiere Pro, After Effects, or any other video editor
  6. All you need to know about the different color modes in the Mavic Air 2S. I will also show plenty of footage comparing them in different light conditions to help choose the correct color mode for the right situation
  7. How to perform the famous and spectacular Vertigo effect also known as the dolly zoom with any drone or regular camera
  8. How to make the most out of the Master shots in the Air 2S and prevent a couple of issues that many users have encountered trying this very interesting mode
  9. An analysis of the specs we should expect from the upcoming flagship of the Mavic line
  10. Air 2s Hyperlapse with the usual four different modes Free, Circle, Course Lock and Waypoints.The big news is that Waypoints is finally working well, a big improvement
  11. In-depth analysis of Point of Interest, the flight mode based on circling around a target
  12. DJI Air 2s Spotlight mode. Part of Focus Track, the collection of intelligent flight modes of the Air 2S
  13. In-depth analysis of all the different zoom modes and compare the Air 2s Zoom result with zooming digitally in post-processing and with filming from a closer distance to find out if there is some loss of quality in the process. Is it digital or a sensor crop?
  14. A comparison of the Mavic Air 2 and the DJI Air 2S in terms of photography under all sorts of light conditions
  15. DJI Air 2S vs Mini 2: in-depth analysis of photo quality and features of these two drones to see which one is better suited to different kinds of users, beginners, casual users, or semi-professional