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  1. DJI Air 2s Spotlight mode. Part of Focus Track, the collection of intelligent flight modes of the Air 2S
  2. In-depth analysis of all the different zoom modes and compare the Air 2s Zoom result with zooming digitally in post-processing and with filming from a closer distance to find out if there is some loss of quality in the process. Is it digital or a sensor crop?
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  7. DJI Air 2s Vs Mavic 2 Pro, a comparison in terms of video functions and quality to see if this new model has taken the place of the king of DJI prosumer drones
  8. All the most useful settings in DJI fly app. It is meant not only for beginners, as it can also help users coming from other drones to find their way around the new layout.
  9. An in/depth analysis of the still image quality of the Air 2S in all different light conditions, using all the available functionalities
  10. A comparison between the Air 2s vs the Mavic Air 2 regarding video quality and features
  11. How to use the Edit workspace in DAVINCI RESOLVE to create videos made with drones or traditional cameras. How to upload clips, how to order them in the timeline, how to cut them to the beat of the music, and how to add a voice over
  12. Get rid of noise and flicker in drone video, timelapses and even photos using NEAT VIDEO.It works even for propeller shadow
  13. How to post-process TIMELAPSES made with drones or ground based cameras with DaVinci Resolve 17
  14. An overview of DaVinci Resolve, the best free video editor on the market
  15. Hi Chuck, yes, I did use LRTimelapse for a good while years ago and it is a good software. These days I use Lightroom and After Affect, I find it a bit faster and AE offers more possibilities for special effects, but LRTimelapse is a good alternative