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  1. Yeah, they must have changed it to 14 days. Which is good, because it used to be 90 days. Or it said it could take up to 90 days to approve or something goofy like that. Glad to see they are streamlining it. The online form is relatively new too. Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. Yes, sorry, the University is the one I need approval from. Here is the info and a link to the request form: https://uiowa.edu/riskmanagement/drone-flight-request
  3. Thanks, that is great feedback. Sorry, I should have added this. Yes, it will primarily be to capture photos and video and I have a DJI Mavic 2 Pro. I was going to mention the date range. Since it was the first time I've done the request with them, I mostly wanted to see how the approval process works. Maybe they would be more likely to reject a request with a range as opposed to a single day/time. But I'll definitely check out Litchi. Thanks again!
  4. Yeah, other than a hospital and a helipad, the campus is totally unrestricted from an FAA stand point. I've already contacted the local municipal airport to just be courteous and let them know when I am flying and they seem super cool. But having to get approval 90 days out seems pretty tough. So if I'm hoping for great skies/clouds/etc., I guess I just have to be lucky with the days/times I pick. Thanks!
  5. Ah, sorry, I wasn't very clear. I don't need FAA prior authorization, I need it from the university. They request you submit all your info 90 days in advance of when you want to fly. So I hope I can anticipate the weather that far out!
  6. All- I'm planning on doing a flight around a college campus where you need prior authorization first. Part of the request requires uploading a flight plan. Does anyone know what this might look like? Is it really a map showing the area I want to fly? Or just describing the areas I was planning on flying? If they want a map, are there any tools out there? Or could I just get a Google maps image and mock something up in Photoshop (I'm pretty decent in PS, so I'm sure I could if I knew what I should be doing). Thanks for any feedback and sorry for the newb question. -Bill