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  1. So I am receiving my N number tomorrow or Friday according to the Drone Registration folks. From there the 333 Exemption process is almost done I hope!! I also have started to take the King ground school training so I can pass my sport pilot's tests. I am not sure what everyone means here. Is the pilot's license going to be dropped in June 2016 or will it be required in June? It is a little unclear so thanks for your patience! Marc
  2. I live very close to this gentleman and he is a very good guy!
  3. Hello folks, I live in probably the most restrictive airspace on the plant and I am really not that happy about it. I live about 27 miles west of Washington D.C. and they just made my house and neighborhood into restricted airspace! Thank the Lord I applied for and am just about to receive my 333 Exemption. Without that I would be SOL. I have been building UAVs for the better part of a decade. My first copter was built in 2007 and it was a certified piece of shit! I have built about 30 from those days and I have learned an enormous amount about building, flying, and operating drones. I am a retired Computer Engineer and I am very grateful that my education is useful in this hobby of mine. I hope to make friends with lots of you and hopefully you all can teach me things so I can learn the easy way, not the expensive way! If there is anything I can do to help you out please feel free to ask! My very best Marc