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  1. @Alan Perlman Thank you for the reply. I actually tried to delete this thread I created but I don't know how. It is rather embarrassing that I care at all and DJI can do whatever they want, just not with me. I suppose I posted this not to punish them but to enlighten everyone here. Whatever they have, I just do not need that bad.
  2. I intentionally tried to keep this post dry, I am not trying to badmouth DJI. I simply mean to share the experience regardless of how it makes me feel.
  3. I purchased a DJI Inspire 2 through Best Buy. Upon taking it out of the box it is a very pretty drone! One of the batteries would not charge though, it would only blink red on the charger. I contacted DJI through chat and they were difficult to communicate with. DJI repeatedly asked questions that I had already answered. Then DJI wanted pictures and then the wanted video. Then DJI asked me to wait a up to 48 hrs to get back with me. DJI e-mailed me and asked me to ship the batteries to them so that the could look at them and determine what is wrong. I said no and that the drone would be return
  4. https://www.oregonlegislature.gov/bills_laws/lawsstatutes/2013orLaw0686.pdf
  5. Here is federal law regarding aircraft and is applicable to drones. This is another good reason to be grateful for the FAA taking us under their "wing" . Also I have found this guy's website very helpful and do believe he may be just the guy to hire if you really need help. https://jrupprechtlaw.com https://dronedj.com/2019/02/25/dji-mavic-2-zoom-drone-shot-out-of-the-sky/
  6. Just to be clear about the truth here I would like to say that every state, county and city and quite obviously even according to sectional charts designated areas are going to have various regulations, risks and penalties attributed to them. It is our responsibilities as RPIC's, business owners and lawful citizens to determine if what we are doing is safe, responsible and lawful; not only according to our needs but the needs of the entire community. When it comes down to it, your opinion does not matter. In Oregon where I live I have discovered for the time being that there are indeed restric
  7. A built a dozen Drones for a swarm project once. I think this is really cool and if you are looking for licensed and insured operators; that is what I will be.
  8. I just hit the EASY button when I used the https://dronepilotgroundschool.com./ The curriculum was straight forward and enjoyable to work through. I passed the test a week after enrolling and had not started before that. I could see someone using this well designed course to study for and pass the test in one day. The great part is that they can use it as a resource for years to come because I doubt if you passed the test in a hurry you will be well prepared to be much of a professional. It does often seem true that if profit is your motive, emptiness your soul.
  9. I started to write a post for you and realized it was actually not very appropriate. I know enough to get you very hurt if I assume you know anything at all; Lipos are very dangerous! I have enough experience to know that my answers could get your face burnt off if you do not respect them properly. In fact I have had to research, implement and enforce Lipo safety protocol for a small division of Lockheed Martin and it was not always easy. However Google is your friend and RC Groups is your peer group if you need to learn about all this and so much more. I did not even finish reading this
  10. Hey!!! Does this forum not allow editing of past posts or something? I was gonna make a sticky type thread.
  11. I am referring to the one they give you to answer questions from during the test.