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  1. On a side note, I just noticed the "Notify me of replies" button. Does that option have to be turned on for every comment? It seems to be that way since the button is only at the bottom of the current comment form.
  2. HI, Alan, and thanks for the reply. However, the temporary solution put in place by the FAA still doesn't make the situation any safer for the public than if they had passed no new regulations while coming up with a final solution. The only difference between the two classes of operators is money. Were they, perhaps, trying to slow down the increasing number of pilots by targeting commercial operators who might fly more dangerous drones, with heavy-handed temporary rules, while writing the regulations in their final form? And have these regulations been tested in court?
  3. Hi, Alan, et al... Thanks for the information on the upcoming Model and 3D Mapping course! I have a question for you. I'm curious as to what you've heard concerning the FAA's ban on commercial use of drones. It has always seemed wrong to me that a teenager can fly the same flight plans that I fly using the same drone and take video and photos with no problem. However, I'm prohibited from flying the exact same route and drone if I make any money from the effort. It would be a little more reasonable if hobbyists were restricted more than commercial operators, such as, only 100 feet and below in altitude, only on private property, etc. But safety can't be a reason for the limitations if both the hobbyist and commercial operators are flying the same routes and drones. Your thoughts or anyone else's? Thanks! Rick Rick Faircloth Drone Flyte