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  1. I'm on a county emergency team of drone pilots. Right now I'm just a Visual Observer, because I don't yet have my 107 certification. I would love to have a mini to practice with (personal equipment). A mini also might be just the thing for quick and dirty preliminary flights, while waiting for the official equipment to arrive. Is it more nimble? Could I use it in tight quarters where a full-size drone might not have clearance (even indoors)? Or perhaps, in conditions where there is a chance that the drone might be lost and we don't want to send up one of the very expensive drones? Being s
  2. HI - I am a member of a Search and Rescue unit in Maine, and have recently joined the York County UAS team. We have meetings about once a month. As a volunteer, I can use a privately-owned drone for SAR as long as a 107 pilot is supervising the search, but to use the County-owned drones (some of which have neat features such as FLIR cameras), I have to get a 107 license - which is how I found this site. I look forward to learning a lot here!