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  1. Drone + Tree Climbing = A Painful Reality Hello, I am Charlene Sligting visual story teller and owner of Docha Real Estate Photography. Being new, and a rookie to operating a drone, I made the PAINFUL mistake of thinking I could learn about flying a drone by merely watching You Tube videos. It truly was a painful mistake. Last fall I was flying my drone to capture images of a home and I heard a warning my battery had 30 seconds left to fly back. I didn’t gauge the timing correctly and it came back landing on top of a tree. I decided to retrieve my new drone. That is where the painful mistake comes in. A branch broke during my climb up and I fell 25 feet down resulting in me breaking two ribs, bruising my esophagus, blood in my lungs and a not so lovey gash in my chin. I received my replacement drone in December and have yet to set it up and calibrated it because I recognize I really have no clue on how to safely operate or use a drone. With this found new reality check I signed up to learn one-on-one class from a UAV Coach and became aware of the AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2019 conference. This conference is exactly what I need to learn the correct way to become a drone operator, absorb information from industry experts and network with other drone operators. Unfortunately, due to my medical bills, my budget does not allow me to register for the conference. If chosen, I reside about one hour outside of Chicago and would commute daily to the conference. Your consideration is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Charlene Sligting