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  1. So after using various drill down tools and lookup tables, I found that the most suitable code was: 541990 - All other professional, scientific, and technical services. Other applicable NAICS codes for UAS business would be: 541370 - Surveying and mapping (except geophysical) services 541922 - Commercial photography all of these include aerial versions of these businesses.
  2. Anyone else doing business with drones care to share the NAICS code they use for various government tracking forms and such? These codes classify your type of business, and help track financial performances of the various industries by way of their tax returns.
  3. How does the actual photography/video business work as far as who pays? Is it the agents, who back bill the sellers after the sale, or is it the seller of the property that pay you directly?
  4. I'm curious what amount of time you tell the clients it will take to get their results back? It seems the 3D imaging would be several days, but how quickly does the mapping go, and how much time would you add for various analysis of them? Is the processing something you can do on site for the customer, or do you generally take the data back to your office and process it?
  5. I have a question about the shadows that are cast. Can you take a couple of flights one in the morning and one in the afternoon to eliminate shadows, or will the software blend the shadows in and cause shadows to be everywhere? It seems the best time to do this would only be at noon.
  6. Curse MME for not programming for Droid software!
  7. Lewis, I have a question about the images here, and am wondering if it is a normal artifact of the MME software. It seems that when I'm zoomed in all the way, I notice the edges of the buildings and fences have a wobbly / jagged appearance. It only seems to appear along the faces of the buildings where there is a large difference in height between the top of the face and the ground. If this is a normal artifact, does it interfere with getting that 1cm accuracy for survey jobs? Does this effect lessen if you are closer to the targets or get worse? I'm assuming it is the point where the software is using less of the data from a face seen from an angle, than from the top down angle. Nice images btw! I can't wait to do my neighborhood when my UAVs arrive. Definitely looks like using the mid day sun would make for less shadowy images.
  8. Might want to wait for the inspire to be released with the X5R camera then, if you have the time to wait.