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  1. cool and thanks. do you have a link to a good one? i downloaded charlotte since that's my area. lat and longitude on the test?
  2. this is the age old problem. i do traditional video and i have a client right now who's at 30 days. it's a fairly large job shot with a large jib in studio. i'd be happy to try some software and give you feedback. i usually take check or electronic transfers only. what you probably need is better clients. how much do you charge for drone videos of real estate? i tried to get into that industry, but all the still guys seem to be doing drones so i gave up fairly quickly. i wouldn't mind giving it a whirl, though.
  3. i haven't bothered with a class either. I studied and studied. I think i should do fine!
  4. I didn't bother with any classes. i did study a lot. hopefully i got this, but if anyone has a suggestion, please put it up asap. thanks in advance.
  5. i'm thinking polarizing filter and those floaty feet. Has anyone tried the floats? Everyone complains about charging speed...have you tried this: people complain about the knobs not about this case:
  6. i watched a ton of "reviews". None of them really shot any cine style footage or they didn't grade their shots. Can you achieve shots like they have in their adds?
  7. I'm buying one today. I have owned 1 phantom 3 and 2 phantom 4s. I'm tired of the expense, but really i'm doing a gig in bahamas and this seems like it's just good enough and i love the fact that you don't get the props in the shot. shooting up? i'm in. I'm going to order those floaty feet for it off amazon so that if it goes down in the water this weekend it won't be a total loss. Just hope it doesn't mess with the flight.