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  1. Does anyone know if or how this would apply to drone operators working for a designated public aircraft operator who are “self-certified” by the agency? In other words, are the firefighters in my organization who are self-certified operators under our COA required to get an FTN? I’m not clear on that group of operators and operations..... it seems like FAA has made accommodations for drone pilots involved with first responder flight missions
  2. Thanks Jonathon for writing the post and sharing your thoughts. I currently haven't crossed this bridge but have been asked the question about re-licensing recently. Appreciate your perspective. Andrew
  3. Hi - Unfortunately, I am sellingmy complete thermal setup. I purchased this FLIR Vue Pro several years ago and it's mostly been in the box! I build a custom wiring harness and mount and have only conducted a few brief (and successful!) test flights on Inspire 1, Phantom 3 and 4 drones. I thought I'd have more projects with thermal imaging needs, but have stayed busy with standard visual and photometry projects. This FLIR camera is a high resolution thermal solution and works great with all of the following components (all listed below are included): FLIR VUE PRO. 336x256, 13mm, 9Hz